Automate with webhooks

May 11th, 2017

What are webhooks?

The webhooks are used to notify you when content has been changed. Specify a URL, configure your webhook, and we will send an HTTP POST request whenever something happens to your content.

How do I configure a webhook?

Go to Settings → Webhooks from the navigation bar at the top. From there, hit Add webhook, and you will be directed to your new webhook. Then choose a name, put in the information of your HTTP endpoint (URL and authentication), specify any custom headers and select the types of events that should trigger the webhook.

Why do I get an old version in the CDA?

As the delivery API is powered by a CDN network consisting of hundreds of servers distributed across continents, it takes some time (up to a few minutes) to reflect the changes to the published content. This must be taken into consideration when reacting to webhooks. In normal conditions, there could be a reasonable delay of 2 to 5 minutes.

Extracted from the Webhooks FAQ.